• Manuel Gomes

    Manuel Gomes

    I help people and technology systems work better together

  • vijay ravindran

    vijay ravindran

    Storage. Virtualization,Cloud Architect and devops. Interested in Infrastructure as Code / CI CD

  • Yağız "Yaz" Erkan

    Yağız "Yaz" Erkan

    Blogger. Engineering Leader in Software Development. Avid reader. Passionate communicator of ideas and experiences. Coach. Mentor. Beekeeper.

  • Anthonios Partheniou

    Anthonios Partheniou

    Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

  • Vaughn Clair

    Vaughn Clair

    Retail Technology leader, focusing on Point of Sale, Cloud, Mobility and Payments .

  • Alex Rosewarne

    Alex Rosewarne

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