Who would have thought, looking 18 months ago, that we would be where we are today. There has likely never been a hotter time to be in the technology industry in particular with employees having a smorgasbord of choice.

As the world comes to terms with everyday life post pandemic…

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The struggle is real!

Early on in my learning journey and with a desire to write about what I had learnt, I suffered from some severe levels of imposter syndrome.

“Who would read about what I had to say?”

“Nothing I can say will be original!”

“There are already experts, why would anyone read…

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Now you may be saying, “Wow, what drama!” but stick with me and let me explain.

What follows is not an epic tale of woe. It is some deep reflection on the last six months of my professional life, learnings and understanding I would like to share.

So, a little…

Part 3

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Today’s post is a continuation of “My Journey Towards Self-Mastery Part 2”, in which I talked about mindfulness. I will cover the final parts of my daily routine.


Visualisation is a fascinating practice that has both myth and legend attached to it. There are stories of POWs spending…

Part 2

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Today’s post is a continuation of my original article “My Journey Towards Self-Mastery Part 1”, in which I talked about the structure around my mornings to help with my learning and growth both professionally and personally. I dived into the first aspect of that around my reflection journey. …

Part 1

A pile of hand written reflection journals
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Just recently, I was privileged to be have been asked to do a presentation on my philosophies on learning, growth and ultimately self-mastery, you can find the full talk here:

There is a lot of content in that talk so I wanted to break the main areas down into…

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It is the first day of 2020 so I thought I would do a little retrospecting of 2019 then put out there what this year holds for me.

2019 was one of the most difficult, challenging, rewarding years of my career. The year started with some significant changes to my…

So recently I have been doing a heap of spreadsheet work, trying to do some better modelling of costs and getting better insights into data generally.

For my current task I needed to be able to read in a dynamic list of items (which change all the time), and SUM…

I was working on a module that installed a package. I wanted to take the systemd unit file that was installed through this process and pass in a parameter into the puppet class, to specify a number representing the number of extra of this service I wanted running.

Here is…

Full title: Measure What Matters: OKRs: The Simple Idea that Drives 10x Growth

Like Lyssa Adkins “Coaching agile teams” is to coaching, Jez Humble’s book on Continuous Delivery is to DevOps and David Rock’s “Quiet Leadership” is to Servant Leadership, John Doerr’s book on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is…

Justin Hennessy

I am a technologist, an enabler, musician and I have an acute sense of the moment. https://justinhennessy.me

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